5 AP Biology Review Books

5 AP Biology Review Books

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AP Biology is an introductory college-level biology course. Students cultivate their understanding of biology through inquiry-based investigations as they explore topics like cells & cellular Reactions, genetics, molecular biology and evolution.

Scoring well on the AP exams is essential to earn placement credits and admission into a competitive college, which will position students for a successful professional future. Studying for the AP Biology exam can be challenging and overwhelming, so we have curated a list of the top 5 AP Biology Study Guides in.

The Top 5 AP Biology Prep Books

1. Sterling Test Prep AP Biology Practice Questions

With a stellar 20-year reputation for standardized test, AP Biology Review by Sterling Test Prep, provides a thorough review of all topics tested on the AP Biology exam. The content covers the foundational principles and theories necessary to answer test questions.

Sterling Test Prep editors and experts with many years of teaching experience prepared this material by analyzing the AP Biology exam content and developing preparation material that builds the knowledge and skills crucial for success on the test. The review content is clearly presented and systematically organized to provide students with a targeted preparation for AP Biology. Utilizing this study guide, students learn the scientific foundations and details of essential biology topics needed to answer exam questions. By reading review chapters thoroughly, students review important biological concepts and the relationships between them.


  • A higher score Guarantee on the AP Biology exam
  • Logically organized information, with concept reviews and practice questions
  • Easy-to-read language


  • Some errors in information and grammar reported
  • Not all sections are updated for the new exam format

2. AP Biology Exam Premium Prep by Princeton Review

AP Biology Exam Premium Prep by Princeton Review is one of the top-selling study guides on the market. With 7 total practice exams, accompanied by detailed answer explanations, as well as content review chapters full of practice drills, AP Biology Exam Premium Prep is the most highly-recommended study guide on this list.

The experts at The Princeton Review have been helping students, parents, and educators achieve the best results on standardized tests for more than 40 years. Like all study guides by The Princeton Review, AP Biology Exam Premium Prep includes proven techniques to help students avoid common pitfalls and increasing effective studying.


  • Highest rated AP Biology study guide on this list
  • A vast number of practice questions and explanations
  • Updated for the new test format and question types
  • Includes 2 online practice tests, as well as extra practice questions


  • Covers information that goes beyond the College Board test requirements
  • Some technical difficulties reported with the online material

3. Campbell Biology Textbook

This popular study aid supports Campbell Biology, 11th Edition, and is designed to help structure and organize developing knowledge of biology and create a personal understanding of the topics covered in the text. While allowing for a unique approach and focusing on the enjoyment of learning, the guide also shares a list of common strategies used by successful students as revealed through educational research.

The Student Study Guide provides concept maps, chapter summaries, word roots, and a variety of interactive activities including multiple-choice, short-answer essay, art labeling, and graph-interpretation questions. This study guide can be used in studying for the AP Biology exam and serves to bring a conceptual framework to the study of biology.

This Biology study guide includes several key aspects that deem it a worthy study guide. Framework sections help the student form an overall picture of the material presented in each chapter while Chapter Reviews synthesize all the major biological concepts presented in Campbell BIOLOGY, 11th Edition. Interactive Questions require the student to work with figures and problems and word roots help the student learn and remember key biological terms. Structure Your Knowledge sections ask you to link concepts by completing concept maps, filling in tables, labeling diagrams, and writing essays. Additionally, there are practice questions and thorough explanations of answers to assist with knowledge retention.


  • Sample quizzes and responses at the end of each section
  • A condensed version of the textbook and a great tool to get a quick refresher before the AP Biology exam
  • Requires students to fill in charts and diagrams to help summarize topics


  • Numerous “trick” questions and few explanations to practice quizzes
  • Users reported that there are not many helpful problems that can be found
  • Most expensive study guide on this list

4. Barron’s AP Biology Review Book

Barron’s AP Biology Review Book provides in-depth content review and realistic practice exams aligned with the current AP Biology curriculum. This study guide is backed by the 80-year reputation Barron’s carries on its shoulders.

This AP Biology study guide provides students with six total full-length practice exams, accompanied by in-depth explanations. Unlike other study guides on this list, Barron’s AP Biology Review Book includes three online diagnostic tests to help students better target their studies.

In addition to concept review, Barron’s AP Biology Review Book aims to give students study tips and test-taking strategies to help students apply the skills they learn in class.


  • 6 AP biology practice tests including 3 online
  • Easy-to-read language for both the weak and strong Biology students
  • Includes test-taking tips specific for the AP Biology exam


  • Some topics needs refreshment
  • Errors and technical issues reported with the online practice tests

5. AP Biology Crash Course

Written by Michael D’Alessio, an award-winning Biology professor, and test development expert, the AP Biology Crash Course is based on bona-fide AP test questions released by the College Board, which covers an in-depth analysis of the latest AP Biology course and exam description. It covers only the information tested on the exam, so students can make the most of valuable study time.

The book gives students the topics and critical context that will matter most on exam day. AP Biology Crash Course is recommended for the time-limited student, last-minute studier, or anyone who wants a refresher on the subject.


  • Mini practice exam in the book as well as a full-length online exam
  • Includes expert test-taking strategies
  • Numerous practice questions to help build confidence
  • Written in clear, concise language


  • No in-depth explanations
  • Not recommended for independent study
  • Some mistakes reported in conceptual information

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the career paths available to me if I enjoy Biology?

If you’re unsure of what to do with your bachelor’s degree in biology, you’re not alone. Students are usually aware that teaching, as well as working in a laboratory setting, are options, but these not-so-obvious paths may be appealing as well.

A bachelor of science in biology opens up a broad array of potential career paths. Among the first things to consider for anyone studying biology is whether they want to use the undergraduate degree to enter a professional field directly, or as a foundation for advanced study leading to a graduate degree.

  • Biological Technician: $45,000/year
  • Biochemist: $95,000/year
  • Health Communications Specialist: $56,000/year
  • Biology Teacher: $33,000/year
  • Pharmaceutical Sales: $75,500/year
  • Agricultural and Food Scientist: $41,000/year
  • Microbiologist: $66,000/year
  • Environmental Scientist: $52,000/year
  • Wildlife Biologist: $46,000/year
  • Science Writer: $70,000/year
  • Conservation Scientist: $57,000/year
  • Medical Equipment Sales: $93,000/year

How is Biology at work?

On Earth, biology pervades the surface and spaces underground as well. Humans in particular harness biology for every aspect of life. Here is a list of areas where Biology is at work in your daily life:

  • Food and Beverages
  • Clothing and Textiles
  • Beauty and Personal Care
  • Transportation and Leisure
  • Buildings
  • Fuels
  • Healthcare and Medicine

People rely on living things and their products for the food they eat, their homes, their personal care, their fuel, and their medicines.

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