Kaplan GRE Online Prep Course Review

Kaplan GRE Online Prep Course Review

There is a reason that Kaplan GRE test prep has been around for so long. They are one of the best known, most-respected test prep brands around. Kaplan offers the widest variety of test prep options, at the most locations and the most times. From live and in person classes and hands on tutoring to simple and less expensive a la carte options, there is something for almost every type of student. From those needing just a brush up to those needing a complete review with personalized one-on-one tutoring, Kaplan offers the most materials and options of any of the GRE test prep course providers .

Is Kaplan GRE Course worth the hype? Serious students understand that the right GRE prep course offers the perfect resources to help you ace this grueling exam. If you are planning to attend graduate school, GRE is one hurdle that stands in your way. And getting a good GRE score is easier said than done! No wonder GRE courses sell like hot cakes.

Let’s delve deeper and analyze how it fairs in a world full of online GRE prep courses.


Kaplan GRE holds its own as a powerhouse in test prep, and for good reason. With live courses all over the country (currently available in 40+ states), several customizable online course options, free GRE study resources, and a money-back guarantee, Kaplan is a solid choice for GRE preparation.


Extensive Study Material

Kaplan GRE test prep has developed an extensive library of materials. This is arguably their best feature. Kaplan offers the most full-length practice exams of any of their competitors, more practice questions than most, offline resources, and a GRE test prep channel that gives live and on-demand skill and strategy tips and lessons. They have such a large catalog of videos, practice questions, tests, and other GRE prep materials that the average student will likely get nowhere near completing them all. It may seem like overkill to some, but most students can rest assured that there is enough content in their weakest areas to learn the basics and improve to expert level.

Kaplan leaves the competition in dust when it comes to the quantity of study material offered. It includes 7 full-length practice tests (with Smart Report), 5,000+ practice questions, GRE channel and offline resources. All these help students develop strong test taking skills. The ‘Tutor Mode’ allows you to review the questions simultaneously. The offline resources further improve the chances of success with ‘GRE Math Workbook’, ‘GRE Verbal Workbook’, ‘GRE Pocket Reference’ and much more.


Like most of its competitors, Kaplan offers GRE test prep customization. Kaplan is available in 46 states across USA offering over 180 hours of online resources, practice tests, in-person, and self-paced courses. The variety of tutoring options ensures students can study from different approaches that suit them. Just about every location, schedule and study style is covered.

The Kaplan courses are the most widely available in person test prep course as well, with classes offered in 46 states. If you are interested in the structure of a classroom, but have a busy schedule, Kaplan may be the best option for you. They have the most location and timing options of all test prep courses currently on the market.

They also offer live online options for those that would prefer to learn from an instructor, but aren’t near a test center or would like to study from home. There are practically limitless options for days and time, including evenings and weekends, so they can fit into almost any schedule.

Elite Instructors

The instructors at Kaplan are experts on the GRE and have proven time after time to be well educated and compassionate towards their students. They have always been punctual, informative, and thought provoking. The teachers constantly push you to strive towards your best possible self through positive reinforcement and repetition. Kaplan is recommended to anyone seeking for a higher score in GRE test.

Personalized Study Plans

Kaplan GRE course provides you with fully personized prep plans that strengthen your weaknesses. It allows you to optimize your study schedule and focus on the weakness part during GRE preparation.



Although it is the highest quality course option on offer, the start price is fairly high comparing to other GRE coursessuch as Magoosh. Still, for any student willing to pay for it, the tutoring is guaranteed to work wonders on your GRE score.

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