The 5 Best USMLE Step 2 Prep Books [2019 Edition]

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1) Master the Board 3rd Edition

5 stars recommended.

This book is absolutely classic, comparable to the test focus. The first feeling of the book is the writing not as clear as MTB4, but after a second look, all the main test points have coverage, and in terms of the path of diagnosis and treatment, the level is more prominent. It can help you understand in depth, skilled recitation, the fundamentals of the exam.

2) USMLE Step 2 CS Lecture Notes 2020

5 stars recommended.

This is the reference books compiled by discipline. The books are very suitable for the people with the hope of improving weak subjects. These books can also be used as a reference book to help expand some knowledge points, also suitable for beginners who want to lay a good foundation.

3) FA for the USMLE step2 CS, Fifth Edition

5 stars recommended.

The test points cover a wide range of areas, comparable to the examination outline, but also involved in a number of STEP 1 knowledge points. Familiarity with the contents of this book can compensate for the deficiencies of MTB3 knowledge points. It also covered more detailed, make up for the shortcomings of other books.

4) Master the Board 4rd Edition

4 stars recommended.

The test point aspect is basically the same as MTB3, but the writing is different. People feel that the book is more suitable for STEP 3, but not suitable for CK. Some students suggest that certain subjects can be used in conjunction with MTB3. So, if you have time, it is still worth a visit.

5) USMLE STEP 2 Secrets

4 stars recommended.

Summarize the key content and frequent examination knowledge for each subject The points, especially the opening color drawings and the summary of the 100 key points. Cons: The content is loose, not too suitable for the initial study, more suitable for pre-test sprint.

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