The Best Degree Review was founded by a group of scholars to guide prospective students through entry test preparation and help applicants make the right choice of test prep courses and materials. Our ultimate goal is to help people get the best degree and career success.

What is our mission?

We deeply believe that everyone has equal right to have quality education and our mission is to use state-of-the-art internet technology to make it possible. TheBestDegree publishes editorial blog posts and reviews to help students choose the best study resources, such as online courses, degrees & certificates, and books for quality education. We aim to form a creative and interactive online community to share experiences, guides and informative reviews for online learning and education. We hope that by accessing the cost-effective and high quality educational resources, people can prepare skills and knowledge for their future career success.

What is our methodology?

We aim to provide unbias review of online education. Each online education product was viewed by its effectiveness, authority, cost efficiency and popularity. Our editor(s) will then rank the online education products and organize the side-by-side comprehensive reviews by providing both the Pros and Cons of the product. This ensures our readers to make decisions to choose the best online education product(s) that fit their needs.

Our editor

Luke Shaw Ph.D. serves as our editor-in-chief. He is an avid online educator and standardized test reviewer with long-term experience. He earned his Ph.D. degree from University of Kansas in the field of bioinformatics. During his doctorate study, he found that the online education is a novol trend and will be the key component for future career success. While keeping up with online education techiques, in his spare time, he enjoys reading traditional books as a supplement to e-learning.