The 7 Best GMAT Prep Courses Online [2024]

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The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a program that the MBA admissions official consider when you are applying to gain admission and study in their institution. The best part of it is that there are a lot of good online courses to lay your hands on and get valuable resources to get you that high score that will massively improve your chances of been admitted. The hard part is that you will be rigorously tested. A lot of hard work will be needed to be done. You have to study, and so a lot of it.

So, if you want to put in a lot if effort into something and get an excellent result out of it, you must be damn sure that it will be worth it in the end. Why waste a whole big chunk of your valuable time on a course that might turn out to be an utter waste of time? You wouldn’t want that, right? So do us. We have done our possible best to source out the best of the best when it comes to the top of the online GMAT prep courses to give you an excellent score to land that you that dream MBA School. Though you have to be prepared to do your part as well by been studious and diligent with the GMAT course that you eventually decided to go with.

All the courses on the list have their unique selling point and key features that will appeal to you, but the bottom line of this guide is to give you a quick overview of the top 6 GMAT course that will be well worth your precious time. Not that there aren’t other really good GMAT courses out there, but these six have really stood out, standing the various test they’ve been subjected to.

Best GMAT Prep Courses Online of 2024

1. Magoosh Online GMAT Prep Course

Magoosh GMAT Course

Magoosh is an online GMAT prep course that gives you access to video lessons, practice questions, email help, and analytics in a lot of intuitive ways. They guarantee improved test results like most other courses. However, one factor that distinguishes Magoosh from the others is the fact that their approach of efficiently analyzing topics with tailor-made plans for each student in accordance to your progress so that you don’t feel bombarded with lots of information, which can hamper the learning process.

By promising one of the most assured ways of getting that your dream MBA admission, they buttress it by providing lessons that are pertaining to your desired concept of learning. You can take notes, understand answers to important questions and highlight the important key points. The targeted curriculum helps you stay motivated, and the weekly curriculum helps you stay on track until the exam day. With Smart Feedback and the Progress Tracker, you can turn your weaknesses into strengths.

For a fraction of what is demanded by other GMAT courses, you are bound to get value for your money going with Magoosh. For just $219 for premium prep, $249 for math and integrated argumentation prep alone and $799 for Magoosh prep and tutoring hours, you get access to email support, test plans, dozens of video lessons, hundreds of questions Practice and Answer Explanations for tools Predict results and lessons for building skills with a full year access for each package you choose. Read the full review of Magoosh GMAT course.

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Readily Available Online Platform

Magoosh offers the entirety of their course online. Giving you the freedom to go at your own pace. The magoosh sign in page is really straightforward like any other webpage sign in. And with loads of online materials at your disposal, learning cannot be any easier. With the web version of their platform, you can access GMAT materials anytime from your desktop with their self-study platform. There is also the free mobile application that comes really handy on the go.

Competitive Price

This should have been the first on the list, but then, I decided to move one step lower, not because it is not important (in fact it is one of the first things prep finders look out for when seeking to take on a GMAT course for their test), but because I don’t want you thinking it’s the only thing there is to Magoosh. Magoosh offers a really mind-blowing amount of value at a ridiculously cheap price – their GMAT verbal course going for $219 – when compared to other platforms. This is a really big one. It is one of their main selling points. You won’t have to worry about forking out a fortune to get prepared for your test.

Explanation Video For Each Answer

Each text-based answer to every question is accompanied by a corresponding explainer video that gives an in-depth knowledge about the question being asked. This help to develop the problem-solving skills of their students as they will be better equipped to solve relevant future questions with relative ease. Those 1-3 minutes video have a bit more information than is required for the question at hand, and so prepares you in a more rounded manner than self-study using GMAT prep books as you go along in your learning phase.

Track your progress

Magoosh is capable of providing you with analysis of your progress with details that is geared towards helping you to improve your overall performance in your GMAT practice test. On your dashboard, you get details of your improvement over time and test score estimates as well as lessons that are recommended for you by Magoosh based on your learning history.

Guaranteed 50+ Points Score Improvement

Investing in Magoosh for your GMAT class is absolutely worth it. A lot of students that have gone with Magoosh prep test have seen a remarkable improvement in test score over a brief period of time. Getting past the 700+ point mark can be a matter of 40-50 marks for some, and enrolling with Magoosh prep test can be the game changer for you in your quest of securing admission to that your dream school.


  • The test might not be tasking after repeated practice

2. Princeton Review GMAT Prep Course

Princeton Review GMAT Course

The Princeton Review GMAT course provides a robust collection of tools for online and traditional students. For example, if you choose a preparatory course, The Princeton Review includes 10 hands-on tests, an online tutoring and practice portal, and over 700 hard mathematics workshops. Even better, the personal preparation for the Princeton Review is 27 hours, which means Kaplan’s 18-hour preparation training takes longer.

With a money back guarantee and ability to resume course for free, Princeton Review is one to give a really good look at. Princeton Review’s GMAT exam preparation courses include more lessons, video tutorials, and online support than the average GMAT courses because those online supports are provided in a personalized way. They are therefore ideal if you want to considerably increase your score or have to learn long. With ranges of courses including 27 hours of instruction, more than 5,000 video tutorials and practice questions, personalized GMAT essay feedback, ten detailed GMAT exercises in a realistic format, and a credit card prolongation guarantee, the Princeton is worth the shot.

Using Princeton Review GMAT Preparatory Materials will cost you $ 499 independently, while a full online GMAT prep course will cost you $ 1,299. The GMAT Personal Preparation Guide is available from Princeton Review for $ 1,399. A private GMAT study program with a Princeton Review Instructor costs $ 1800.


  • Extensive test prep materials
  • Personalized study plan
  • Widely available in-person instruction
  • Princeton Review Guarantee
  • Cost-effective
  • Official guide eBook


  • Limited online tutor hours

3. Kaplan Online GMAT Prep Course

Kaplan GMAT Course

Kaplan has been a giant in pre-press since 1938. The many years in the industry have not only made it possible to build one of the largest libraries of GMAT sources, but also an extensive network of trainers across the country. With its experienced instructors and useful learning tools, this is the best choice for personal GMAT preparation. All Kaplan instructors scored a 90th percentile or higher score. This means that your teacher has a good understanding of the subject and proven strategies for effectively answering questions.

Kaplan instructors are highly valued and their personal GMAT lessons are among the most popular on the market. Each personal course includes 18 hours of live instruction by an experienced Kaplan instructor. Courses are offered year round and in hundreds of locations. In a Kaplan GMAT Test Preparation Course, you can also conduct a full Test Run of the exam day by completing a full GMAT training at a Kaplan Test Center, which will be supervised on the day of your exam. Your purchase includes nine complete field tests and access to online resources, including 5,000 practice questions and hundreds of video tutorials.

Personal Kaplan GMAT test preparation courses cost $ 1,449, while online courses cost $ 1249 and can be used on a laptop or smartphone. Courses for self-study students cost only $ 799. With your purchase, you will receive three GMAT preparation books and an MBA Admissions Guide.


  • Long-standing reputation
  • Top instructors
  • Robust resources
  • In-person instructor


  • Shorter course lengths
  • Fewer tutor hours

4. Target Test Prep Online GMAT Prep Course

Target Test Course

This GMAT preparatory course is for students who need all the help they can get as regards the quantitative aspect of the GMAT test. Will an ideology of “Practice Makes Perfect”, Target Test Prep provide their students with access to over 3,000 practice assignments to get you familiar with all sort of questions and the right approach to solve them. By linking repetition to an internal analysis program that takes a long time, tracks the success rate and difficulty level, students can quickly gauge their strengths and weaknesses.

Target Test Prep founder Scott Woodbury-Stewart has in-depth knowledge of physics, chemistry, math, and biology. Scott offers its programs along with with individualized Skype and WebEx tutoring as the main means for direct communication with users. Scott, in conjunction with his close-knit team of experts, offer students support for higher test scores in the quantitative part of this exam.

They focus largely on quantitative results and improve specific test results and outcomes. Their program includes twenty sections with over 500 exercises that can sharpen and expand the skills available at directly centered GMAT points on math, word problems, and geometry.


  • Lots of practice questions
  • Access to over 3000 assignments
  • Guarantee of score improvement
  • Detailed answer explanations in video lessons
  • Customized study plan according diagnostic test


  • Repetitive learning mode can be a little boring for some students

5. Dominate the GMAT Online Prep Course

Dominate the GMAT

Dominate the GMAT Online Prep Course offers industry-leading tutorials to help students improve their GMAT test scores and gain admission to the world’s best business school. The course includes a comprehensive content, support, and teaching in a style that helps students to fully understand GMAT. The course videos provide clear and effective strategies for getting right answers efficiently and covers almost every sort of questions that are possibly seen on the GMAT.

As many other GMAT prep courses, Dominate the GMAT course provides a free GMAT prep session as well as comprehensive GMAT prep course that covers all aspects of the GMAT. In addition, it offers “mini” courses on individual GMAT topics to boost selected areas of the exam. Besides recorded online courses, private GMAT tutoring is another opition for students who need customized tutoring curriculum.


  • Provide video solutions for every question in the GMAT official guide
  • Comprehensive content and support
  • Easy to understand topics
  • Varies options of course plan


  • Relative High cost on private tutoring

6. Manhattan GMAT Prep Course Online (now powered by Kaplan)

Manhattan Prep

Acquired by Kaplan, Manhattan is still one for the premium customers. Manhattan focuses on critical thinking to evaluate and analyze topics and solve questions. This is different from the strategic way of dealing with questions that’s is more pronounced with some other companies. Due to this, some of their students say the real GMAT was simpler than the exam preparation questions. With a variety of packages, the cost of the program might be a little issue if you are not ready to pay at a premium price for preparation courses.

If you’re an advanced student looking to study a high-quality MBA program, or if you want to get a full scholarship to a business school and need to increase your score by just a few points, Manhattan Prep is a great source for your GMAT Preparation. If you want to know more about the exam or the skills you have already acquired, this is a good place to start. This website offers you a range of tools, including field tests, challenge issues, official guide trackers, free lessons and events, blogs and forums. The content of the lesson is updated regularly to keep pace with changes in the official curriculum. From the complete preparation set to the strategy manual, you have all the required content within reach.

In addition, all of Manhattan Prep’s strategy manuals, including manuals specifically tailored for high-score students, are included in the full-length GMAT full-scale GMAT test preparation courses for $ 1,399. B. Advanced Quant. You can attend the first session of every Manhattan Prep GMAT course for free, so you do not have to make a decision immediately. They offer a variety of intensive courses, including GMAT Boot Camp, which offers 35 hours of lessons in just two weeks for $ 2,699. This is best for you if you are a fast learner with high score goals


  • Videos guide
  • Lectures visualizations and demonstrations
  • Expert Tutors
  • Diverse options (boot camps, tutoring, and courses)


  • High cost
  • Lack of strategic question-solving tricks

7. Veritas GMAT Online Prep Course

Veritas GMAT

Veritas Prep is a popular company that provide one of the best GMAT prep course, and no wonder why: its instructors are first-rate and their practice test and exams are generally considered one of the best and most realistic in comparison to the GMAT. With their customizable GMAT questionnaire, you can create quizzes that include specific skills that you need to work on. Formed with the goal of combining education with entrepreneurship, Veritas’s one-to-one or self-study prep course formats are of the quality to get you going in your quest to excelling in your GMAT exam.

You can access GMAT sources from Veritas Prep on any platform or device at any time, and the interface is easy to use. Live courses are available in classrooms in the US or fully online. Your purchase includes a guarantee surcharge.

You have access to over 5,000 practice questions along with living online homework help by purchasing a $ 950 on-demand self-study program, a $ 1650 live GMAT course or a $ 2,950 private GMAT study program.


  • Lessons readily available online for streaming
  • Study flexibility to study
  • Loads of homework
  • Access to 12 practice tests


  • Relatively pricy with the access period offered

Things to look out for when choosing a GMAT prep course

Is the course suited to your preferred learning style?

A lot of these courses have their distinct strong point to look out for. Some of these strong points will definitely align with your own strong point as well. Those are the ones you should be looking into. Not that others won’t deliver on their advertised promises, but the truth of the matter is that you be way better off with the ones that seem to be at least tailored made for you as you will get a lot more done with them as opposed to the ones that are not suited to your strong point.

With three popular styles of prep course on the market – self-directed, live online, and in person training, you are sure to find the one that’s most likely suited to your learning style. Most course offer at most two out of the learning methods outlined above and with this you can find the course with the right combination that you prefer to work with and one that will be most efficient for you within the timeframe you have chosen to work with.

Self-paced prep courses

With a general curriculum and a wide range of online resources, self-paced courses are suited for those who like to work at their own convenience. You have access to the materials anytime, anywhere with a lot of flexibility afforded to you. A lot of discipline is required on your part if you are going for this kind of learning method as there are no instructors to help you keep up with the schedule.

For this type of learning method, going with those with a lot of interactive learning tools and in-app quizzes to help you gauge your progress and determine which area needs improvement is crucial.

Live online prep courses

If you are the type that prefers to study by following the guidance of an instructor but find it difficult to be at a physical classroom, then opting for a live online prep course is the right option for you. You will get the guidance of an instructor right at the comfort of your desk.

To complement having an instructor with giving a lot of hints and delivering knowledge, these type of course often incorporate the feature that is prominent with the self-paced courses as well. Features such as the interactive tools and quizzes will be an added bonus to work with outside of the online class.

In-person prep courses

You don’t fancy the self-paced course because maybe you usually fall short of the high expectation that you set for yourself before engaging in the course and you find the online class to distant as giving instant feedback can be a thing. Then the way to go will be to opt for the physical classroom learning style.

Having physical conversations with the instructor, making eye contact, interaction with other classmates and discussing several studying strategy with them, these and many more might be the reason why you should consider opting for the in-person classroom learning method. Though it proves to be the most time consuming of the three methods you are sure to get value out of it if it is the method that’s most suited to your learning style.

Number of full practical exams

The best GMAT prep course is known to comprise of quizzes, test and exams simulating the real GMAT exam environment. Tests and quizzes help to form a structure in your brain that identifies question formats and therefore enable you to pick out the right strategy to best tackle related questions in the future. Most prep courses prefer to offer a minimum of three prep exam with the exam best serving its intended purpose, the more closer it is to the GMAT in terms of difficulty, time constraints, and manner of articulation of questions.

Concise explanation and unique online resources

Explaining concepts to students in a simpler and intuitive manner is a key part of the learning process. Most of the prep course offers video explainers with their instructor carefully explaining concepts in the best possible way they can. Make sure to look out for the one that most likely appeals to you. The number of online resources that they’ve got also should be a thing to consider. Are there a lot of questions for the student to study and get all round knowledge on or are you limited by the number of questions you have access to? Make sure to check this out, you will be pretty amazed at how quickly you can run out of questions to work with if limited by the resources available.

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