Best TEAS Study Guides of 2024

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The ATI TEAS is the nursing school entrance exam. It is comprised of 170 questions across the subjects of reading, math, science, and English language. The exam covers a lot of material in these subjects and it is meant to test the preparedness of an individual for nursing school courses. There are several ways to study all the subjects, and review the content needed for success on TEAS test day. The following guides are among the best options to choose from when looking for study and practice companions. These study guides below include practice tests, flashcards, online review, detailed explanations and answers, as well as different study strategies to learn in order to test well on the TEAS exam.

5 Best TEAS study guides to ace the 2024 TEAS exam

1. ATI TEAS Secrets Study Guide: TEAS 7 Prep Book

The ATI TEAS Secrets Study Guide is by far one of the best study guides for the TEAS exam. Mometrix has created a complete and thorough guide for being successful on the TEAS exam. This review is inclusive of all the needed TEAS test sections such as reading, mathematics, science and English and language usage. There are 6 complete practice tests, 76 step-by-step video tutorials, a complete review of all the TEAS exam’s subjects, and the best tips and strategies to prepare for greatness on test day. Mometrix’s test prep is among the best guides because it includes in depth review for practice questions. The online videos cover many concepts and subjects in a way that helps the material be grasped quickly. It is best to utilize the step-by-step videos because it is much easier to understand what to do and exactly how to do it. For example, the math and science sections are by far the most difficult because they cover a lot of material and need to be studies thoroughly.

In the ATI TEAS Secret study guide, the math review covers a lot more than what is needed, but it is better to know more than less in the case of test-prepping. Although this test prep covers a lot in greater quantity, the science portion needs more anatomy and physiology coverage in order to succeed in the majority of the science portion of this exam. This test prep is best for those who have an abundant amount of time to review because it covers a lot of material and includes additional study resources. This is a complete guide and the best way to prepare for test day with enough time given.


  • 6 complete practice tests: When studying for an exam that covers a lot of material in different subject areas, it is best to utilize more than 2 practice tests. Mometrix’s test prep for the ATI TEAS includes 6 practice test and additional online step by step tutorial videos that cover an abundant amount of information. This is very helpful because tough subjects can be singled-out, making it easier to target the concepts of material that are needed for more review than others. Altogether, 6 practice tests can best show how much has improved from the diagnostic tests to the final test.

  • Tips and strategies to pass the exam: Although tests materials remain the same, and the subjects that are covered in the exam remain the same, not all test-takers test well in the same way. When studied well, this test prep gives great advice, “secrets”, and preparation of what to expect on test day. From how to prepare, what is covered, and how to focus on the important parts of questions, this test prep gives the best strategies and information to build confidence for test day.


  • Needs for better science preparation: Although this test prep among the best for complete subject review, the science portion could use some improvement in the areas of anatomy and physiology. Since this subject is vital for nursing, and for understanding the human body there should be more in-depth images, fill in the blanks, and other forms of test study material for better memorization in this area. A lot of the science portion involves memorizing and understanding body functions for the ATI TEAS exam, and this guide could utilize more test prep material for the science section in future editions.

  • Less advanced math material is needed: Much like in the case of the science portion of the Mometrix ATI TEAS Secrets review guide, there could also be improvement in the math portion of this guide for future editions. Studying for math test questions is a combination of memorizing formulas, knowing basic math, and being prepared when needing to use a calculator. The ATI TEAS exam covers algebraic topics, measurement, and data. This TEAS review guide covers a lot more than what the mathematics questions entail in the ATI TEAS, but it is better to understand more than less. In the case of having room for improvement, the future ATI TEAS exam study guides by Mometrix can keep the mathematics section more focused and centralized on algebraic knowledge, measurement/data analysis that requires a basic calculator which is what is provided on test day.

2. ATI TEAS Test Study Guide 2024 by Trivium Test Prep

The ATI TEAS Study Guide (2024) by Trivium Test Prep entails some really great resources and strategies when given a short amount of time to study before your ATI TEAS test day. This review is very affordable and offers a brief, but very informative method to study quickly. If you find yourself with limited time but are confident in your academic abilities, this is a great refresher and review of the material needed to jog your memory for topics and subjects covered in the ATI TEAS exam. Compared to other exam preps, this is more brief and general rather than a complete and comprehensive review of the best test preparation. Although, it does have great coverage of some major learning points needed before the TEAS test day.

In this ATI TEAS Test prep, Trivium has included free online resources, study “cheat sheets”, tips for a high score, and it is very informative about how to succeed on the test. These are all great resources to have when preparing for the TEAS, but this exam prep is lacking some key study material. As said before, it is brief. Therefore, it covers the included material very well but with only one practice test and missing major concepts, you may need to include other resources in your study prep time for the TEAS.


  • Online resources: The online resources in Trivium’s TEAS test prep include practice questions, online flashcards, and study “cheat sheets”. All of the resources are really helpful when studying and not a bad way to use your study time. If you don’t have much time to study, the cheat sheets are a perfect way to organize and compile the necessary information needed to memorize and review for success on TEAS test day. It is really important to keep subject material organized and easy to remember. With less time, this is the best way to go. The guide is affordable, and free online resources allow for success.

  • Tips and test information: Some of the most important components of Trivium’s ATI TEAS test prep that separates it from the rest are the tips for a high score. Not many test prep’s cover stress reduction strategies and important tips for success during the exam like this test prep does. This is important because not all test-takers test well in the same manner. So, in the case of formalized assessment testing it is important to know exactly what the exam will entail in order to prepare yourself to not only pass, but to test well.


  • Brief/general review: As stated before, this review covers a general idea of what topics need to be reviewed for success on the ATI TEAS exam. It is more suitable for those who have a good academic understanding of what Is covered on the exam. For some that need more material coverage and additional practice questions for a good review of multiple subjects this may not work well to be fully prepared on TEAS test day.
  • Single practice test: This review only includes one practice exam, and the topics covered in the practice exam are not entirely reviewed in the study guide. This gives an idea of what the actual exam is like, but it is not cohesive in a quick review.

3. ATI TEAS 7 Full Study Guide 4th Edition 2024

The smart edition ATI TEAS 7 full study guide in color includes an online course 5 practice tests, 100 video lessons, and 400 flashcards online. Compared to other reviews for the ATI TEAS exam, this is a great comprehensive review. This is smart edition’s 3rd edition of the ATI TEAS 7 Full study guides, and it is their best full study guide so far. It includes many resources that will aid and provide good in study material. Although, with this many resources and practice tests, it will be best to have at least 6 weeks of allotted study time in order to fully study and review its material before the TEAS test day. Otherwise, the contents and resources will be difficult to consume and prepare well. This review guide is also on the higher end of costs for TEAS study guides, retailing at $40. Though, the material is extensive and comprehensive with many resources to make the cost well worth it.

In addition, the review guide is in color versus most TEAS Review guides that are strictly printed in black and white. Visual learners will benefit from this advantage because the material may be easier to remember and understand, especially in the science subjects that require memorization and understanding to really grasp the material. Also, the online components and flashcards that are offered with this TEAS study guide allow for an organized focus of every subject, when given enough time to truly review and learn material. Overall, the way this study guide is presented and the 6-week study plan is really well thought out and purposeful. Choosing this guide, and sticking to the study plan will boost the confidence and academic knowledge needed for success on the TEAS test day.


  • Additional resources: This guide includes an online course, 3 practice tests, 100 video lessons, and 400 online flashcards. With enough study time, this is one of the best methods to study. Utilizing all of the given resources allows for a full understanding of all the subjects that are covered, and for being well prepared on test day.


  • Need a lot of study time: As previously stated, this review guide is set up with a format for covering all the material in 6 weeks. This limits the usage of all the given material if the person studying doesn’t have enough time. Unless you’re following the study plan and grasping all the material, this is a tedious study process. Either way, the additional resources make this TEAS study guide incomparable to other guides.

4. ATI TEAS Test Study Guide by Test Prep Book

Test Prep Books’ ATI TEAS guide is by far one of the best. It covers all the subjects and includes test taking strategies. This study guide also comes with 2 practice tests. These are not bad, but with all the material covered it would be best to include at least one more practice test just to be able to compare and have a baseline test result. This TEAS test prep is best for those who have more study time, and who also may have options for including other study material as well. With additional practice tests, or online material to cover this study guide can be a really useful starting place for success on the ATI TEAS exam.

This guide is fairly comprehensive and includes detailed explanations. The testing strategies throughout the guide are really helpful in understanding how to take the exam, and be successful in answering questions. It is important to first know the material very well, and then to understand how the test questions are best answered in the allotted time. This review is essential for learning the material as well as understanding what to expect on the exam. With this, the Test Prep Books ATI TEAS Study guide is a great place to start.


  • Covers all subjects: This review guide includes study material in all the subjects covered in the ATI TEAS exam. It is organized very well and includes test taking strategies throughout the book. This is important in a review guide because as stated before, it is important to know the material and understand how to take the exam.
  • Detailed answer explanations: Although there are only 2 practice tests, the detailed answer explanations add this study guide to the top of the list. There is a lot of material to cover in various subjects, so to be able to see your mistake and understand the concepts you may miss allows for more confidence and preparedness on the TEAS test day.


  • Only 2 practice tests: It is important to be able to go back and see the range of test results when studying to take an exam. Although there are detailed answers that can be reviewed, there should be at least 3 exams in order to see a trend of improvement in understanding the test and the material that is reviewed on the TEAS exam. With only 2 practice included, you may need to seek additional practice tests or sources to make good use of this study guide.

5. Kaplan Test Prep ATI TEAS Prep Plus

Kaplan test prep is always included in the best options for studying for an exam, and the Kaplan ATI TEAS Prep Plus is no exception. This guide is on the pricier side, retailing at $40 but it is definitely one of the best options. The material for review in this guide is tailored by experts. This means that the study guide includes hand-picked topics and review material from experts that understand and know what to study when it comes to the ATI TEAS exam. Although it is among the expensive study material guides, this is a great choice because it includes an additional online question bank apart from its book content. There are only 2 practice tests, but they are allowed to be re-taken and there is also an online component of additional review questions that can supplement for additional tests.

The Kaplan review guide for the ATI TEAS includes practice tests and questions, proven strategies for succeeding on TEAS test day, and an online review component for better practice. This is what makes this guide stand out from other review guides in this category. On top of the great study and review material, this company offers a money-back guarantee. So, if you practice and follow the study guide but you still score well, you can get your money back. I think this is a great method for a review guide because it assures you that with expert content, they are confident you can pass the test. In turn, so should you.


  • Expert review of content: This makes Kaplan stand out from the rest. Having expert review for these subjects ensures that what is presented is accurate for the material you will need to know for TEAS test day.
  • Additional questions bank: Apart from the practice tests and online review, the additional questions will allow for more practice in all subjects and it will boost your confidence in knowing the types of questions that are on the TEAS exam. Extra practice is always a pro for review guides.


  • One of the most expensive guides: As mentioned above, this review guide is on the pricier side. The material, subject coverage, additional resources, and money-back guarantee makes it well worth it despite having to spend more by choosing Kaplan.
  • Too much study material: This guide is fully tailored by experts of each of the subjects, but this may be too much material to cover for what is actually needed for the exam. Either way, it is always better to be more prepared rather than not prepared.

Common questions & answers to the TEAS test

Q. How long should someone study for the ATI TEAS exam? According to the ATI website, any preparation is better than no preparation. It is recommended to start reviewing material in all subjects at least 6 weeks prior to your TEAS test day.

Q. What score does someone need to pass? The score requirements vary from school-to-school based on their program requirements. It is best to review how the test is scored, as well as what is needed for the intended program.

Q. Do I need a calculator on TEAS test day? No, a basic four function calculator will be provided on the day of the exam.

Q. How long is the ATI TEAS exam? The TEAS exam is 209 minutes long, and 170 questions. According to ATI’s website, the breakdown is 53 reading questions in 64 minutes, 36 math questions in 54 minutes, 53 science questions in 63 minutes, and 28 English and language questions in 28 minutes.

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