The 6 Best LSAT Prep Books 2024

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With the best lsat prep books and sufficient time and effort, anyone can learn how to improve their LSAT scores. These books are written in a way that allows you to acquire a better grasp of the analytical nature of each individual test by following specific logical patterns. By learning how to recognize and use these patterns to your advantage, you can achieve an almost perfect LSAT score if you take the time to learn about the methodology involved in solving each individual test.

Now, it has to be said that even among LSAT prep books, some stand out more than others on account of their intricate analysis of the subjects being examined. In this respect, some of these books enjoy a much bigger popularity, a widespread recognition they owe to their thorough explanations and practice exercises.

Best 6 LSAT Preparation Books for 2024

Manhattan Prep 5 lb. Book of LSAT Practice Drills

As suggested by the name, the 5lb. Book of LSAT Practice Drills is a big and thorough prep book. This prep book has the most questions you will be able to get in a single book, over 5,000, but some of which are accessed online. Manhattan prep puts emphasis on testing each skill you will need on the LSAT individually, so you can pinpoint your weaknesses and strengthen them for application on the day of your test.

The main sections of this book are Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Logic Games. Logical Reasoning focuses on skills related to making inferences, argumentation, and breaks down questions so the student can replicate the logical processes behind it in the future. Reading comprehension hones in on speed and accuracy in breaking down critical reading passages and finding the core argument of a passage. Logic games uses visuals and pairs detailed techniques with timed drills that allow you to practice and master them.

Along with all the practice drills and question online and in the text, the 5lbs. Book of LSAT Practice Drills provides cheat sheets that break down what you need to know by question and game type, comprehensive review guides for each of the three main sections, and downloadable flashcards. (A thoughtful alternative to expecting students carry around a five-pound book!) To support your success in studying, the book also gives students a crash course that explains their lexicon and approach for prepping students, as well as an online LSAT navigator. The online navigator helps analyze your performance throughout prep and provides breakdowns and answer explanations for questions.

Some may find the length and extent of detail to be tedious, while others say the many practice questions keeps students actively engaged, of course this is objective to each student. If your goal in prep is to get as much review and practice as possible and really pin down your individual skills, this book may be a great option for you.


  • This book has the most questions you will find in an LSAT prep book.
  • Other resources like flash cards and cheat sheets allow for quick review and ‘brushing up’ when needed.
  • LSAT navigator will track your performance to ensure you are improving over the course of your prep.


  • The book is best suited for students planning to study at home, as it is not convenient to carry around.

The PowerScore LSAT Bible Series 2024

The PowerScore LSAT Bible Series is one of the most well-recognized review book options on the market, and certainly one of the most thorough. The three individual books focus on Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. The books can be purchased together for a complete overview of LSAT material and well-rounded practice or separately to deep dive into a certain area before the test. Students prepping with this set receive 28 official LSAT Logic Games, over a 100 official LSAT Logical Reasoning Questions, and 12 official LSAT Reading Comprehension Passages. The book also includes information on common mistakes LSAT tester-takers make so that you can avoid them and study plan outlines to help you manage your time and prep efficiently.

All questions and exercises are accompanied by detailed explanations that aim to deconstruct the questions so students can understand the elements behind what is being asked and how to solve it. The PowerScore LSAT Bible Series is recognized for its concise, but informative explanations. This prep series would require the student to get through three books, which may seem tedious or too time consuming, but the clear and to-the-point presentation of material helps with that somewhat. Many students favor the style these books use to break down complex concepts and questions.


  • Uses official LSAT questions and exercises.
  • These books can be bought together or separately.
  • The style of material and question explanations are in is informative while also being clear.
  • Tools are provided to help students plan their prep and get the most from the books.
  • This prep is very thorough overview of what will be on the test with supporting practice.


  • There are grammatical errors throughout the books, but PowerScore outlines them on their website to clear up any confusion.

The LSAT Trainer: A Remarkable Self-Study Guide for The Self-Driven Student

The author of this book, Mike Kim, is highly respected and experienced in preparing students for the LSAT. Kim previously worked on the development of Manhattan LSAT prep books and courses and was inspired by the students he saw prepping independently to write this book. The LSAT Trainer takes a fresh perspective that combines Kim’s experience in LSAT prep to break down the test and help students see the purpose behind each type of question and exercise. If students understand the test and the purpose behind why a question is being asked, the ability to better identify the answer should come after.

With this book students get over 200 questions with answer explanations, over 30 original drills, and online access to study schedules and organization tools to help their prep. The book also includes strategies specifically for Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Logic Games.


  • This book teaches reasoning to help students gain an understanding of the test and individual questions that leads to the right answer.
  • Provided with the book are tools to help structure study and ‘budget’ time.
  • The book includes lots of practice questions and drills.


  • Review is solely text based and does not use visuals that many students find helpful.
  • The book contains some typos and errors.

The Official LSAT SuperPrep II

This book is written and by the Official Law School Admission Council, the same people who produce the LSAT each year. The main components of this book are the three LSAT prep tests. The preptests in this book are two past versions of the LSAT and one test that has never been disclosed before the publication of this book. Along with the three preptests, comes explanations for the items on the tests, comparative reading items, and test-taking advice that help with things such as pacing and time. The book also includes answer keys, writing samples, and score-conversion tables.

This book is very telling of what to expect while taking the LSAT with actual questions to look at and practice, an overview of scoring, and all coming from the LSAC themselves. However, it is less concentrated on review, and what explanations of material are included are written in the language of the LSAC, which some students find less helpful than a more clear, less formal version of explanation.

If you are trying to get a comprehensive look at what LSAT questions and formatting will be like, this book will give you exactly that. If you are looking for a book to teach and walk-through material and concepts, this may not be the book for you, or at least not as an only prep book. A good suggestion is to combine the real LSAT questions in this book with another more content review based prep book.


  • Past LSATs are used as full-length practice tests.
  • This book is produced from the LSAC so is an uncanny example of formatting, language, and questions.
  • This book covers test taking tips and techniques to help students apply knowledge efficiently.


  • There is less content and material review than other prep books can offer.
  • Does not include extra features like an online component that other prep books may have.
  • The questions and explanations are both written very similarly which some students find unclear or difficult to break down.

The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning

The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning promises a new and superior approach to LSAT Logical Reasoning. The book focuses heavily on understanding the stimulus, the idea that answers are either “powerful” or “provable,” and making students feel in control while taking the test and approaching questions. Using in depths explanations of each step, this book walks students through the approach recommended for Logical Reasoning and aims to build helpful skills along way.

Of course, this book only focuses on Logical Reasoning, so is not an all-encompassing review, but a great supplement for someone who feels Logical Reasoning is lowering their score significantly. The book contains valuable information for students and is well written, but some students found themselves disappointed by the lack of novel information. While the book delivers helpful advice and review, many students who have used the book express the information inside does not go beyond what other reviews provide as well. This is not necessarily bad, as review books for the same test are bound to be similar in some ways, but something to consider if the advertisement of a new approach is what draws you to this book.


  • This book thoroughly explains how to approach and work through Logical Reasoning.
  • Reading and understanding the stimulus are thoroughly covered, more so than most review books.


  • Many students find the book has less new information than they were expecting.
  • The book uses terminology that differs from that on the LSAT.

10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests

With this book, what you see is very much what you get, being ten official, previously administered LSAT tests from the Law School Admissions Council themselves. By adding these ten preptests to your LSAT prep you will be giving yourself realistic practice with LSAT questions, managing time, and keeping focuses throughout the length of the test. By having multiple preptests to complete over the course of your LSAT prep, you will be able to track progress throughout. This gives valuable insight about where your areas of need are and how effectively your prep efforts are benefiting you.

If you are a student who feels most confident knowing exactly what to expect, getting a look at these tests will be just what you want. Along with the ten preptests, the book includes answer keys for each test, a writing sample for each test, sample comparative reading questions with accompanying explanations, and score-conversion tables. All the materials in this book assist students in getting the most information and value out of each preptest they take. Of course, if you are finding a certain question type or section difficult, this book will not provide the review and instruction that is normal of prep books. The only content review and coverage of test concepts will come from answer explanations. This may be fine for some students, but others may find this book is best as a tool paired with a more informative prep books to balance the text-based and practice aspects of review more evenly. How you use these preptests to support your prep is quite versatile, but they are surely a helpful component to LSAT prep.


  • This book gives the best look at LSAT questions, language, and formatting you can get.
  • Taking the preptests gives a valuable way to test your ability to stay focused and manage time through the test.
  • Preptests are great as a benchmark for progress as well as strengths and areas of need.
  • Students get an idea of how scoring works.


  • This book does not focus on the review and breakdown of concepts and material in the way many students want from a prep book.
  • Features other prep books often have such as an online component or key concept reviews are not included.
  • If students want to use this book along with another review, the need for two books makes their prep more costly.

What to Look For In an LSAT Prep Book?

There are so many LSAT prep books out there that it may prove a bit overwhelming to settle on just one, thus the need to take your time and figure out which particular books are most likely to help you improve your general understanding. In this respect, you have to choose one that would prepare you for a veritable bombardment of questions and choices which are designed to confuse you beyond reason. If, however, you find one that would prepare you for at least the predictable choices, then you should be all set. To cut it short, here is what you need to look for when buying an LSAT prep book:


The first thing you need to consider when buying an LSAT prep book is whether the information contained within is consistent and useful. If possible, one that also contains resources for the subjects it deals with so that you won’t have to pick up a different book for a different section of the LSAT exam. When it comes to preparing for the LSAT, consistency is key in the sense that it will help you develop a pattern that is likely to help you through when the time for the exam comes.


Another thing you want a good LSAT prep book to have is versatility in knowledge distribution. In this respect, you want a prep book that deals with multiple subjects without overdoing it on any particular branch. You can, of course, choose several books to achieve roughly the same results, but they will likely stretch your budget quite a bit. Instead, a comprehensive, all-inclusive prep book is far better in the sense that it is bound to condense valuable information so that you will assimilate it faster.


As you would when reading a book of any kind, you don’t want the subject material to be hard to digest or difficult to assimilate. What you want instead is a well-written book that is concise and informative to the point that it can cover difficult subjects in a thorough fashion. You get this by first ensuring that the book is well-written, which is something you find out by checking reviews and by asking around a bit.


Even though it isn’t really ‘wrong’ per se to educate yourself using multiple resources, not many people have the mental capacity to memorize too many patterns. This is precisely why you want a complex, all-inclusive prep book instead, one that will help you develop a versatile problem-solving method of your own. We say this because you are likely to cause yourself a real disservice by switching between multiple methods without first understanding the underlying issues in depth.

What Should A Good LSAT Prep Book Deal With?

While some people consider the LSAT to be an aptitude test, it ultimately comes down to a person’s innate ability and nothing else. You gain that by first acquiring the understanding required to navigate through the multiple choices that the exam presents. You cannot do that, however, if whatever prep book you studied didn’t have the proper structure to help you through and to provide you with the patterns you need to figure out in order to do well on the exam. In this respect, here is what a good LSAT prep book should deal with:

  • Reading Comprehension – A good LSAT prep book has to first and foremost help you with your reading comprehension. You simply cannot focus on the different strategies and patterns present in the exam if you do not have a good grasp of all the matter it contains. This should enable you to deal with each problem at a time without having to research other resources yourself; so as to boost your comprehension levels in expectation with what such an exam might deal with.

  • Logical Reasoning – It is very important to get as much information as you possibly can before heading into an exam of any kind. Even more so when it comes to LSAT exams which enjoy a peculiar difficulty of their own. A good prep book should provide you with enough examples of how to best approach situations where logical reasoning can solve whatever problem being presented. Preferably, such a book will also help you recognize a certain pattern when solving these problems so that you will choose the best possible approach when dealing with these issues later on.

  • Logic Games – Dealing with logic games is always tricky, especially in the context of an LSAT exam. You do, however, have many options for dealing with such games, and they all revolve around figuring out the methodology of solving them. Like we said, a good prep book should show you how to choose the best method of resolving each individual problem. We say this because the logic games presented in LSAT exams usually require a specific type of problem-solving. A surprisingly large number of LSAT exam takers, however, make the mistake of approaching different logic games using different methods, which is a mistake in itself.


All things considered, you have to understand that preparing for the LSAT isn’t easy, nor is it supposed to be. By taking the time to do your own research, you are bound to figure out what methods to employ when you take the test and what common mistakes to avoid. The general idea here is to learn about the many different techniques you can employ and to adapt some of them to your own style of solving problems, whatever they may be. To do that, you must first gain the confidence to trust in your natural tendencies and to follow your own reasoning.

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