The 5 GED Prep Books

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Choosing the best GED prep book is the first step to crush the GED test. The GED test serves as alternative and remedy to the UIS high school diploma, HiSET and TASC test. According to the American Council of Education ACE which holds the trademark of GED, the tests is an initiative to identify “ tests of general equivalency development” which in the long run aim to measure accurately and precisely proficiency in Mathematics, Social Studies, Reading, Writing and Science.

While the popular parlance that failure to prepare for a task is preparation to fail such task, this discourse shall examines various instructional materials that can aid learning for every students preparing for the GED test by adopting an espousing dig out into prep books.

The 6 Best GED Prep Books to Ace 2024 GED

1. Kaplan GED Test Prep Plus 2024

The GED prep test is a production of Kaplan who is the official partner for live online prep for GED Test. The product offers instructional aids through online practice, video tutorials and expert strategies. The product shifts focus from the traditional model of classroom use to an advanced and more demanding and user friendly self-study feature. Adjunct to this is a guidance well provided for every questions encountered. Kaplan GED Test Prep offers a quick yet comprehensive review of everything on the GED test with realife examples, graphics and information. With a content that embodies a detailed overview of the rudiment of the test examining all subjects with practice questions to avail user improve and practice. The product eliminate the filler and fluff prevalent in other guides. This in turn allow the user more effective study time. With the professional timbre and calibre of the authors which include teachers, tutors and field experts, it is undoubted that the book will afford every user one-on-one tutoring experience and the benefit of tips and other test secret that comes with it. All this at the user convenience and a reduced or better put affordable value.

Remarkably, this features a host of other basic (traditional) and advance innovative characteristic. This can be expounded upon in practice and guidance. The prep book include a Two full-length practice tests with detailed explanations which is available in the book and online, a Comprehensive study pack that allows a user to easily drawn out a personalized study plan and more than 1,000 questions with solutions furnished with detailed explanations. With skill and incisive review of all the four GED subjects, the GED test prep provides effective strategies for all questions types including the advanced extended responses and short answers for RLA and science test respectively.


  • The concept review is indepth and thorough.
  • Diagonistic pre test help user discover their strenghth and identify their weaknesses.
  • Help set a study plan.
  • 2 Practice tests & proven strategies.


  • Few editing errors in the answers sections.

2. Test Prep Books GED Study Guide 2024

Published by the Test Prep Books, the GED exam study guide includes a review material, practice test questions and test-taking strategies. The test prep book has a full review of all GED questions and postulates other question that is of GED standards. It emphasizes on detailed and comprehensive explanations and solutions to questions through a two level explanations. This is in the need to help the test taker avoid missing the same question a second time.

With the quick overview feature, the test prep book introduces the GED test accurately to a new entrant with no iota of technicality. This is to allow the user most especially a new entrant as well as experienced test takers an insight into the rudiment of the test. Substantially, the prep test book also incorporates into its content; top test-taking tips with primary focus on time management and error free delivery. In line with the objective as intended by the publisher, the test prep book drill user not only in not only learning for test purposes but also for successful application of such knowledge.


  • Vital tool for fisrt timers.
  • On point and updated up to new format.


  • Irrelevant if used without a study guide.

3. Barron’s GED Test 450 Flash Cards (Second Edition)

The Barron’s GED Test Flash Cards help test takers sharpen up their academic swords with its innovative brand of flash cards. The flash cards which is 450 in number. These flash cards are subdivided into categories to accommodate and reflect the GED’s four test areas viz; Mathematics, Reading through Language Arts (RLA), Social Studies and Science.

The 450 flashcards are further subdivided into different specific functions firbtge purpose ofbthebtest areas. 125 of the 450 flash cards are designed for English or Reading through Language Arts, 100 Social studies cards covering courses including history, geography, government and economics, a further 100 flash cards for science encompassing biology, earth science, chemistry and physics and finally 125 mathematics cards presenting questions with solutions covering operations of numbers, geometry, measurement and algebra. The arrangement of these cards is facilitated by a punch hole in one corner which accomodate a metal-key ring-style and holder.


  • The prepartion of answrs is straight forward into what a user need them for.
  • Comprehensive test questions and answers.


  • The solutions presented tackles few topics.

4. Accepted GED Preparation All Subjects Study Guide

The new edition of GED test prep book replaces the earlier released GED Preparation 2018 All Subjects Study Guide: GED Test Prep Book and Practice Questions for the GED Exam. The Accepted Inc.’s product is an innovative implementation of the desire to propel a quick yet comprehensive review of the PROs and CONs of the GED test. This has helped understanding as it employ real-life examples, graphics and information.

GED Preparation is an excellent source for test takers. I makes learning easy and without complexity as the terms are highlighted throughout the text thus maintaining the user attention to salient facts. The abundance of text including both teaching and demonstrating examples is a plus to effecting greater understanding.The test content information allows the users have a complete and incisive content made available.


  • Teaching and demonstrating examples.
  • Complete and incisive content.


  • No known area of specialization and efficiency.

5.McGraw-Hill Education Language Arts Workbook for GED Test.

The product magnificence is a pointer to the amazing 125 years if experience of the company in education. Ideally, the MH guides and help users to succeed the RLA portion of the GED test. It us an improvement and shift of focus from the maths preparation quality it is previously known for. The product is based on the common core state standard suitable for all high school equivalency exams.

The products affords the user to access the 275 RLA question in a variety of formats thus providing a foundation for intensive practice. These 275 RLA questions is further dymystify into certain classes based on the order of importance. The list include a Top 25 list that discuss the most important concepts of the RLA that have recurred in previous GED tests. Moving down the ladder is the Pretest which allows users pinpoint their strength and identity their weaknesses. The class also include a compilation of extensive examples of the last questions types and ultimately a post test modeled after the actual test with the sole aim of gifting the user a realistic test-day experience beforehand. It includes a step by step approach to each topic which empower the user strategize on how to tackle test questions.


  • Suitable for teachers and tutors for knowledge impartation.
  • Step by step approach to solving problems.
  • Over 1000+ practice questions.
  • Great tool for first timers and experienced test takers.


  • Attach much importance and specialization to a section.
  • Curriculum needs to be updated.

GED Prep Books Comparison Table 2024

Rank Title Publisher # of Pages Practice tests Price
#1 GED Test Prep Plus 2024 Kaplan 780 pages 2 full-length practice tests plus 1000 practice problems $
#2 Test Prep Books GED Study Guide 2024 Test Prep Books 373 pages 2 Complete practice tests $
#3 GED Test 450 Flash Cards Barron’s Test Prep 450 pages NA $
#4 GED Preparation All Subjects Study Guide Accepted 396 pages 2 full-length practice tests $
#5 Language Arts Workbook for GED Test McGraw-Hill Education 176 pages 1000+ practice questions $

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